This page contains resources to assist with implementing the K-5 Social Studies Essential Standards.



Personal Financial Literacy Google Folder:

Please click this link to share and access resources relating to Personal Financial Literacy. The material in this folder originated at the March and April 2013 Personal Financial Literacy Workshops.

Essential Standards and Unpacking Documents:

Please note that the Elementary Social Studies Essential Standards documents are grouped within grade span. Once you have opened your document, please scroll until you find your desired grade level.The unpacking documents ARE separated by grade level.

Kindergarten through Second Grade Standards

Kindergarten Unpacking

First Grade Unpacking

Second Grade Unpacking

Third Grade through Fifth Grade Standards

Third Grade Unpacking

Fourth Grade Unpacking

Fifth Grade Unpacking


RBT Taxonomy Practice Examples

Social Studies Concepts, Common Core, Terminology, and Resources:

Concepts by Strand

Common Core Overview

Social Studies Terminology

Content Area Resources/Links

NCSS Trade Books/Children's Literature

Five Lenses of Social Studies (K-5)


Performance Task Rubric
Essay Rubric


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