This page is currently under revision. The goal is to collect a variety of technology resources that will be useful to the social studies leader and teacher. If you have useful resources, feel free to contact us for review and consideration!


Create free educational games that can be useful for review, research, and student activities to build and enrich learning.

Engage Intel

An online collaborative community/social network for teachers, operated by Intel. It is free to use and allows teachers from all over the world to share ideas and resources.


An online tool that allows you to store and share links and resources. The NCDPI Social Studies LiveBinder is found at the link provided.

Online Stopwatch

A variety of online timers.


An online journaling tool.

Poll Daddy

A useful and fun polling tool for you and your students.


A fun 3-D search engine.

Social Studies Wiki

This is our state social studies resource site, crafted by the consultants at the Department of Public Instruction.


Online sticky notes for collaboration and sharing.


A search engine for students. It searches only credible Web sites approved by Internet research experts.


Create tag cloud and embed them on your webpage.


Resources provided by and/or through the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to facilitate digitally-based teaching and learning.


An online avatar-based tool that allows teachers and students to create presentations, messages, and narrations in a creative way.