2013 Social Studies Fall RESA - Region 3

Session Description

During this two day session, participants will focus on Concept – Based Lesson Planning. Using the NC Essential Standards and Concept Based Unit Plans, presenters will guide participants through the process of lesson planning that supports a concept–based [[#|curriculum]] framework. As participants explore and dialogue about the components of a quality [[#|[[#|[[#|[[#|[[#|[[#|[[#|lesson plan]]]]]]]]]]]]]] they will dialogue about best practices and strategies that help to promote increased inquiry in K- 12 Social Studies classrooms.

Session Objectives

  • Understand what a concept-based social studies [[#|lesson]] looks like in action.
  • [[#|Identify]] the essential components in a conceptual [[#|lesson]] [[#|plan]].
  • Understand the process of how to develop a concept-based lesson plan.
  • Use the essential components of a conceptual lesson plan to develop daily [[#|lessons]] based on a conceptual unit.

Aligned North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards

Standard I - Teachers demonstrate leadership.
Standard II - Teachers establish a respectful learning environment for a diverse population of [[#|students]].
Standard III - Teachers know the content that they teach.
Standard IV - Teachers facilitate learning for their [[#|students]].
Standard V - Teachers reflect on their practice.



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