Recommendations for Teaching and Assessing Analyze & Evaluate

  • Analyze involves breaking material into its constituent parts and determining how the parts are related to one another and to an overall structure. (Anderson, 2009, p. 79)
    • Clarifying objectives that have analyze as the verb want students to be able to determine:
      • the relevant or important pieces of a message (print, visual, audio, or video);
      • the ways in which the pieces of a message are organized, how do the pieces fit together to make the whole; or
      • the point of view, biases, values, or intention underlying the message.

  • Evaluate involves making judgements based on criteria or standards. (Anderson, 2009, p. 783)
    • Clarifying objectives that have evaluate as the verb want students to make judgements using criteria or standards of performance.
      • It is important to note that not all judgements are evaluative. Evaluate in RBT (Revised Bloom's Taxonomy) MUST be performed with the use of criteria.
      • The most common criteria used with evaluate in RBT are quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency.

Classroom Exemplars
  • Understand, Analyze & Evaluate

      • In explaining the practical application of the cognitive processes understand, analyze, and evaluate, Dr. Lorin Anderson emphasizes that the three are interrelated and are often used iteratively in performing cognitive tasks. At the same time, he reminds us that it is important to maintain each of them as separate cognitive processes. A person who understands a communication may not be able to analyze it well. Similarly, someone who is skillful in analyzing a communication may evaluate it poorly. (Anderson, 2009, p. 80)

*Anderson, L. (2009). Cognitive Process Dimension. In A taxonomy for learning, teaching and assessing: A revision of Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives (Abridged ed., p. 80). New York: Addison Wesley Longman.

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