This page contains resources to assist with implementing the Middle Grades Social Studies Essential Standards.

List of Possible Purchasable Resources for grades 6 &7 Social Studies:

Five Lenses of Social Studies (6-12)

Essential Standards and Unpacking Documents:

Sixth Grade Standards

Sixth Grade Unpacking

Seventh Grade Standards

Seventh Grade Unpacking

Eighth Grade Standards

Eighth Grade Unpacking

Personal Financial Literacy Google Folder:

Please click this link to share and access resources relating to Personal Financial Literacy. The material in this folder originated at the March and April 2013 Personal Financial Literacy Workshops.

NC Middle School Association Conference 2013:

Google Folder:

Click this link to view and add resources to this shared folder.

NCCSS Conference Presentations 2012:


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Collaborative Google Folder:

This folder contains links to sample yearly outlines and other resources for teaching middle school social studies.

Collaborative Google Folder for Teacher Resources


Performance Task Rubric
Essay Rubric

Additional Content Resources:

The resources listed here are possible content centered resources for teaching each of the courses at the middle school level and developing teacher and student content knowledge. These are constantly updated as new resources are discovered. Please be aware that these are not necessarily aligned with the entirety of each Clarifying Objective; they are intended to address elements of content only.

6th Grade
Life in Mesopotamia: This site contains a broad overview of life and culture in the ancient Mesopotamian city-states.
Feudal Japan: This website takes you through some key features of medieval era Japanese society and culture.

7th Grade
A Multi-Media History of World War One: This website provides hundreds of resources and topics for developing content knowledge relating to World War One.
Terrorism in History: This digital history site provides a quality overview of the history of terrorism since the 19th century.

8th Grade
North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati: This organization provides a video and additional resources for teaching North Carolina's role in the American Revolution.
Teaching American History: This site provides resources and virtual museums relating to the American Revolution.